Blaunaval Insulation

Blaunaval Insulation offers top-notch quality thermal and acoustic insulation for the Marine Industry, dealing only with high quality and well tested solutions. BLAUNAVAL is exclusive distributor of Pyrotek products for Spain.

Blaunaval Insulation helps design the Project from the drawing table to the completion of the works and can provide a bespoke solution for any need; wherter is a soundproofing project involving an engine room to a thermal jacket for a Superyacht exhaust, Blaunaval Insulation will deliver.

Acoustic insulation  for yachts, shipyards and the marine industry

Acoustic Insulation

Blaunaval offers its technical portfolio of acoustic insulation products to professional instalators and yachts. Our areas of expertise include wall treatments, specialized acoustic panels, customized enclosures and spray-on damping compounds as well as anti-condensation coatings. Our SOUNDPROOFING BARRIERS offers the best possible acoustic result in a range of thicknesses and different foam qualities. High quality sandwich with Class 0 foam, IMO certified products, Reinforced Aluminium finish, Low weight version.
Thermal insulation for yachts, shipyards and the marine industry

Thermal Insulation

Blaunaval Insulation specializes in the consultancy and design of thermal jackets for exhausts in commercial and recreational vessels. Super yachts and larger marine vessels irradiate big quantities of heat through their exhaust pipes, hence the critical necessity to protect your equipment and those onboard with high quality and durable thermal jackets, no matter the size of the project, Blaunaval Insulation will ensure that you have the best and the most environmentally friendly solution to control the heat emanating form your exhausts.