Blaunaval Insulation offers top-notch quality thermal and acoustic insulation for the Marine Industry, dealing only with high quality and well tested solutions.

Blaunaval Insulation helps design the Project from the drawing table to the completion of the works and can provide a bespoke solution for any need; wherter is a soundproofing project involving an engine room to a thermal jacket for a Superyacht exhaust, Blaunaval Insulation will deliver.



Sorberbarrier is a unique composite noise control product that offers both excellent noise transmission loss and high noise absorption. It was developed to meet market requirements for reducing noise in industrial and domestic enclosure, OEM and marine markets.

Sorberbarrier combines the superior performance of the flexible mass barrier, Wavebar® together with the high absorption properties of Sorberfoam™. Wavebar is laminated to the Sorberfoam layer to alter the natural absorption curve enhancing sound absorption in mid to high frequencies.

Quadzero™ dBX

A High performance noise control product that exhibits superior transmission loss performance. It features a flexible, mass-loaded, noise barrier, laminated with an aluminium foil-covered glass-cloth facing, (AGC). It was developed to meet market requirements in marine, rail, domestic, commercial, industrial and automotive industries.

‘dBX’ is a thin, strong, highly-flexible mass barrier made from recycled polymers that are halogen-free and offered in a range of weights that provide impressive acoustic transmission loss performance. The aluminium glass cloth (AGC) face offers a durable, flame-retardant surface enhancing its fire and acoustic performance. This high-performing product complies with IMO 653.16 marine standard building code for low spread of flame and exhibits impressive transmission loss and fire performance

Tape AGC

This is a pressure sensitive thermal insulation adhesive tape, composed of aluminium-glass cloth backing, combined with a high-performance solvent acrylic adhesive, protected by an easy-release silicone release paper.


A perforated metal sheet sound absorber. The sheets are supplied either plain or backed with Sorbertextile STA, a black, high airflow resistant glass-based acoustic textile, that offers high-performance sound absorption. The product has a hard, durable finish with an aesthetic appeal.

Stainless Steel Insulation Pins

Install Pins are used to mechanically fix and install insulation material that can be pierced by metal spindles.

Install Pins, also referred as ‘hanger pins’ or Insulation Pins, are either stud-weldable, or designed to be bonded with adhesive for non-welded systems. Non-weldable pins are designed with the spindle mounted to a solid metal base.


Decidamp SP150

Water based vibration damping compound

Decidamp® SP150 is a fast drying, water based viscoelastic vibration damping compound and adhesive. Previously known as Soundpaint, this advanced formula was developed for acoustic improvement of structures that are exposed to vibration and impact. It effectively absorbs and dissipates vibrational energy from the flexural stress of the base structure and reduces panel coincidence and resonance effects.

Developed with a special polymer technology, Decidamp® SP150 is a lightweight, non-toxic structural damping material that is suitable for exterior and interior use and anywhere that noise can impact structure, comfort and function.With exceptional fire properties and compliance with international fire codes it performs across marine industry, automotive and other applications. Decidamp® SP150 is easy to apply by simply spraying, rolling or trowelling onto surfaces. Once dry, the cured film is UV, water and chip resistant and exhibits low combustibility.

Decidamp® SP150 is a superior extensional damping compound suitable to be applied directly to structures (steel, fibreglass and alloys) where sound damping is required. Available in grey as standard or other colours can be ordered.Low-density properties and its exceptional performance-to weight ratio makes it the ideal choice for weight sensitive applications.