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Grotamar 82

Absolute delivery reliability due to in-house production

grotamar®82 is the most important biocide for preventive dosing, as well as for sanitizing fuel inventories infested with bacteria, fungi, yeasts or algae in yachts, ships, agricultural and construction machinery or heating oil storage tanks. Commercial users such as mineral oil retailers, repair shops, sporting boat or motor vehicle dealers, farmers, building contractors and shipping companies in the Med region are supplied with grotamar®82 by Blaunaval Professional. grotamar®82 is the only comparable product that is approved by all major engine manufacturers and is produced with the same proven formulation in the in- house production facilities of Vink Chemicals.

grotamar®82 at a glance

  • specifically developed for modern diesel fuels including low sulphur diesels and fuels containing biodiesel
  • new protective formula to prevent premature oil degradation caused by ageing
  • fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds
  • excellent long-term protection for fuel tanks, pipes and engine
  • excellent solubility and dispersion in all types of diesel fuels, heating oils (including BO-B20) and biodiesel
  • no corrosive combustion products
  • effectively protects steel, alumninium, copper and other non-ferrous metals against corrosion